Konsep Ilmu Fardu Ain dan Fardu Kifayah dan Kepentingan Amalannya dalam Kurikulum Pendidikan Islam

Mukhlas Nugraha, Universitas Islam Negeri Sulthan Thaha Saifuddin Jambi, Indonesia.


Curriculum is the most important factor that influences the quality of an educational institution because it determines the achievements of the purposes and objectives of education in an institution. This article attempts to explain the significance of implementation of fard ain and fard kifayah in practice within the Islamic education curriculum. It explains the meaning and classifications of knowledge of fard ain and fard kifayah according to the scholars in the past and present. Furthermore, concepts related practising fard ain and fard kifayah, criteria of values and virtues in knowledge, the nature and objective of man’s life, and the dynamic nature of both fard ain and fard kifayah are also discussed. 


Fard ain, Fard kifayah, Islamic education curriculum, educational institution.

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