Position of Non-Muslim Under Islamic State

Muddathir Abdel Rahim,


Weak and vulnerable, almost by definition1, minorities have all too often been oppressed and presented in many societies throughout the ages. Prominent examples in pre-modem European history include the Jews and the Muslims-especially under the Inquisition in Spain and, in more recent times, the Bosnians and Kosovars in the Balkans, the Hutus in Rwanda Burundi and the Chechins in the Russian Republic.

Not infrequently however, minorities, far from being oppressed and persecuted, have themselves turned oppressors and persecutors of numerically superior but militarily weak majority groups. Recent or current examples of this second scenario include the Tutsis of Rwanda Burundi, the Zionists in Palestine and the Apartheid regime of South Africa. Rapid advances in the techniques and technologies of control, both physical and psychological, since the Second World War have rendered this hirtherto rather exceptional scenario an increasingly feasible and it is needless to say, an exceedingly dangerous possibility.

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