The Root of the Palestinian Issue and Its Reflection on the Muslim Ummah

Anidah Robani,


In the contemporary world, the Palestinian issue still remains explosive and unresolved. Its resolution is an urgent necessity as well as a major international concern. This is particularly so to all Muslims who view it not merely as a regional or an Arab problem, but more importantly a paramount religious issue. This sentiment is indeed shared by Malaysia. Malaysia can be classified as a Muslim country. With its Muslim majority and Islam as its official religion, Malaysia takes considerable pride for being part of the dynamic and progressive Islamic Ummah. Malaysia's
preoccupation with the Palestinian issue is perhaps the earliest among other Islamic issues. This paper will give brief discussion on the historical root of the Palestinian issue and its reflection on the Muslim Ummah. It will specifically attempt to analyze the reflections of the Palestinian issue on Malaysia since independence in 1957 up to 1989.

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