A Brief Study of Socio-Political Thought of Sayyid Qutb on the Reformation of Muslim Society

Thameem Ushama,


The twentieth century Muslim world has witnessed several scholars and intellectuals whose writings made great impact on the succeed­ing generations of Muslims especially the Muslim youth. Their writings have moulded and shaped a new and comprehensive Islamic vision, that responded to the ideas and doctrines that emerged as a result of the process of secularisation and modernisation of the Muslims. It is believed that only a few Muslim thinkers have directly contributed to the reformu­lation of contemporary Islamic thought. Sayyid Qutb being an activist, a political analyst, a Quranic exegete, a journalist, a poet, a socio-political thinker and a world-reknown Islamic revivalist of the twentieth century, influenced deeply the contemporary Islamic movements. His thought has undoubtedly drawn the attention of several people, for he boldly and uncompromisingly asserted his viewpoints regardless of their consequences.

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