The Impact of Globalization on Muslim Thought, Culture and society : Challenges and Opportunities to the Muslim Unity in 21st Century

Md. Yousuf Ali,


The beginning of the 21st century is an important juncture in mankind's history when rapid transformations in all areas of human life are taking place in almost every corner of entire globe. People speak of borderless world (Ohmae, 1990), (Details not mentioned in the reference) where geographical and political boundaries are indistinct by information and technology. It is said that we are living in a global village, where communication systems are faster and more efficient. The process of globalization has recently and rapidly caused many changes and transformation in various fields and sectors such as economics, education, politics, technology, culture and social structure and so forth. Although it brings about structural changes within the nation states by affecting the basic fundamentals governing human relations, social organizations and world views with advantages and opportunities for the developed and powerful countries.

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