The Islamization of Knowledge: Priority of Content over Method

Md. Asham Ahmad,


In a lecture entitled Islamization of Knowledge: a Psycho­ Pedagogical Approach', Professor Hasan Langgulung attempts to explore the possibility of the Islamization of psychology and pedagogy in educational context. His main focus is the Islamization of the curriculum, and the methods of verifying levels of knowledge and knowing. This approach is based upon the assumption that the pertinent issue with regard to Islamization is "how to implement it" as opposed to "what Islamization of Knowledge (IOK) is all about and why"-resulting in a fixation with the method. In this article, we venture to maintain the opposite position: that the questions of "what" and "why" are prior and of paramount importance because: (i) naturally and logically we need to know not only the substance of the idea that we want to implement, but also the reason why it is relevant, valid, and worthwhile; and (ii) practically, the preoccupation with "how" and hasty implementation of IOK in educational process has led to a blatant disregard of the "source" and "content" of what to be inculcated in the students through the process. That being the case, the Islamization of the curriculum
would be a pointless effort.

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