Religion and Human Rights: Towards a Better Understanding

Mashood A. Baderin,


This article affirms the complex relationship be­tween religious teachings and human rights prin­ciples in today's world, and is aimed at contributing approaches towards a better understanding of the relationship. It attempts to explore and promote necessary means of realising a harmonious co-existence between them. The article provides a general analysis of the different theoretical per­spectives of the relationship between religion and human rights, highlighting the key framework that could facilitate a better understanding between the two systems. It commences with a bnef analysis of both religion and human rights as interdependent forms of social ordering, followed by an analysis of the theoretical conceptualisations of the relation­ship by suggesting three relevant theoretical mo­dels: the separationst, the accomodationist and the double-edged conceptions. Indicating preference for the second, this article demonstrates the possibility of a healthy and productive symbiosis between religion and human rights.


Relationship between religion and human rights; theoretical perspectives; the separationist; the ac­comodationist and the double-edged conceptions

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