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Yusef Waghid


This article seeks to show as to how a notion of universal justice, the rationale behind quality education, can be achieved through actions such as ummah (communal engagement), shūrā (public deliberation) and jihād (just striving which includes the recognition of the rights of others). Thereafter, it is argued as to why and how these acts of justice are linked to various conceptions of Islamic education, namely, taʿlīm (socialisation), tarbiyah (individuation) and ta’dīb (good action). In the last part of the article, the author draws on an empirical study to show as to how virtues of Islamic education can be used in an institution of higher learning to stimulate discussions about achieving universal justice.

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Waghid, Y. . (2018). TOWARDS QUALITY EDUCATION FOR ALL: IN DEFENCE OF UNIVERSAL JUSTICE. TAFHIM: IKIM Journal of Islam and the Contemporary World, 11.


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