Logic and Thinking: Al-Fārābī’s Conception and its Relationship to Knowledge and Education

Suleiman Mohammed Hussein Boayo,


The weakening position of logic as one of the core sciences in knowledge and education is mainly due to the negligence of educational institutions and students in the Muslim world of its importance and, the pivotal role that it plays as an instrument in correcting and evaluating the components of their thinking and reasoning as well as in articulating their minds. However, the current feeble state of logic in the domain of knowledge and education was not the case in earlier Muslim scholarship. This article endeavours to analyse and demonstrate alFārābī’s conception of logic concentrating on its benefits,objectives,as well as its relation to language and other sciences. The author provides an analysis of essential logical contents derived from al-Fārābī’s conception. This may aid students and urge them to study logic, thus enabling them to articulate their minds, guide their thoughts and validate their arguments in all fields of knowledge and education.


Logic; thinking; language; philosophy; knowledge; education; science

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