1. The main structure of the logo is formed by the word al-fahm (فهم) (understanding), being the root word for tafhim (تفهيم) which means “efforts made to give understanding”. In terms of meaning, this root word is intimately related to other key words—such as al-‘ilm, al-fiqh, and such like—which collectively form the semantic field of the concept of knowledge in Islam. In fact, al-fahm constitutes the basis of IKIM and the TAFHIM Journal. Hence, the official IKIM logo itself is incorporated as the diacritical point (or dot) for the letter fā’ (ف) and placed in a position of main significance in the symbolism, apart from it reflecting unity, solidity, compactness and strength which embody the spirit and character of IKIM.

2. The word al-fahm is designed in such a way as to incorporate, or be characterised by, the following items:
a. True knowledge and understanding as light illuminating human life and, as such, signifying something prominent and precious, as symbolised by the golden yellow hue (yellow signifying light while, gold value).
b. The world of nature as depicted in the form of flora and fauna shaping the letters “ف—ه—م” which are themselves trusts and gifts from Allah that should be well preserved and utilised. In fact, the Arabic word for “universe” and “knowledge” are themselves derivatives of the same word, ‘alam (علم), which basically and essentially means “a sign that truly guides men towards a true end”.
c. The shape of man’s physical heart, shaped by the letter “ه”, symbolises man’s spiritual self which is the centripetal substratum of understanding and, thus, plays the leading role in man’s sincere and serious pursuit of true knowledge. It being positioned right at the centre of the frame of the logotype symbolised the utmost importance and significance of such self.
d. The form of a drop of water also embedded in the letter “ه”, signifying the following two facts:
    i. True knowledge in Islamic Civilization is also considered to be pure water which revives life and and rejuvenates man’s mental-spiritual self;
   ii. The breadth and depth of man’s knowledge in toto, compared to that of the Divine Knowledge, is like a mere drop of water;
e. TAFHIM being IKIM’s main academic vehicle and entrance into the repository of knowledge and understanding that is founded on a distinct intellectual culture which, in turn, is characterised by the reading culture, as depicted in the form of a “window” or “portal” that has as its symbolic basis a “book”.