The Transcendent Unity of Religion: A Brief Exposition

Wan Azhar Wan Ahmad,


This article attempts to explain and prove the fallacies of the philosophical idea of transcendentalism, a notion which purportedly claims that all religions are essentially and equally valid. It traces its origin and focuses on its spread among religious followers, particularly Muslims. It questions the truth and validity of the idea as propagated by certain renowned modern intellectuals, Muslims or otherwise,
using rational proofs, classical and contemporary scholarly opinions and most importantly, textual evidences. It tries to show how these resources have been misappropriated, and in the process, exposes the deficiencies and irregularities of the arguments favouring the idea. It also seeks to remind Muslims to be wary of its detrimental consequences if subscribed.


Transcendent; religion; unity of religions; transcendentalism; perennial philosophy; pluralism; diversity; wahdat al-adyan; rabb; rububiyyah; ilah; uluhiyyah; God; esoterism; exoterism; exclusive; inclusive; salvation; happiness; equality

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