Inculcating Creativity and Innovation: A Plan of Action for Muslim Educational Systems

Alparslan Açikgenç,


The real purpose of education is to inculcate students with a state of mind that is congenial for creativity and innovation. However, such rs not the case in the Muslim world. The present article is an attempt to provide a new plan of action for reativity and innovation in the Muslim world by developing an epistemology defined as "the anatomy of human knowledge." The article begins with the present discussions of creativity and mnovation in the West and solutions that are primarily psychological offered. Then, an attempt is made to provide an alternative approach to the issue in the Muslim world. The author offers an epistemology as the ground of a new philosophy of education which may read to an educational system that fosters the critical attitude needed for acquiring such skills.


Creativity; innovation; epistemology; genetic epistemology; educational theory; knowledge system

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